Initial Teacher Training Policy

What we agree with our linked schools


ITT Lead School Policy

The aim of this policy is to clarify The Wroxham Teaching School's involvement in ITT and the role of staff in ITT. It should be read in conjunction with:

  • The University of Hertfordshire Programme Handbooks, policy documents and Partnership Agreement

Rationale and Aims

Within The Wroxham Teaching School, a partnership of schools has been formed to provide the highest standard of in-school training and offer placements to trainee teachers passionate about preparing children for a successful future. We have worked with trainee teachers for many years and we fully appreciate how much enthusiasm and motivation they can offer to a school community.

The schools in our ITT partnership are a mixture of urban and rural and they range in size. All the schools are highly committed in our quest to provide a rich training experience for the next generation of teachers.

Our training provider partners offer an excellent quality of personal, professional and academic support for their trainees, to ensure their well-being and allow them to demonstrate highly professional attributes. They have high levels of trainee satisfaction, as well as high employment rates resulting from the good quality of the training and the strength of the partnership with schools.  As a School


Direct trainee in our partnership, trainees will have access to both the excellent provision from the training provider and the wealth of experience our Alliance schools can provide.

We aim to:

  • ensure that ITT is a highly valued, integral part of The Wroxham Teaching School;

  • promote the involvement of the Alliance schools in ITT;

  • work in partnership with our training provider to implement high quality training that equips new teachers with the knowledge, skills and  understanding to teach effectively;

  • keep our knowledge of ITT up-to-date to enable us to be able to advise and inform the Alliance of national and regional developments;

Roles and Responsibilities

ITT is a shared responsibility across The Wroxham Teaching School. All staff have an important role in ensuring that ITT is successful and of benefit to trainees, children and school staff. Roles within ITT will differ in schools across the Alliance however the following points will remain generic:

The Head Teacher is responsible for:

  • Implementing and overseeing the school’s involvement in ITT;

  • ensuring that training and selection meets the requirements set out in TDA requirements and standards;

  • delegating responsibility for ITT;

  • recruitment and retention within the school;

  • financial management and accountability;

Professional Mentors are responsible for:

  • mentoring one or more trainees a year, which includes discussing aspects of teaching and  learning with the trainee on a regular basis, as directed in the Programme Handbook;

  • attending mentor training;

  • contributing to the trainee’s assessment;

  • organising the Second School Experience, alternative Key Stage and Special School visits;

Teacher Mentors (excluding NQTs) are responsible for:

  • contributing to training through imparting knowledge relating to their specialist subject, providing support with planning, giving demonstration lessons, giving trainees opportunities to observe their lessons;

  • discussing with the trainee both their own teaching and that of the trainee;

  • allowing time to meet regularly with the trainee to discuss planning and teaching;

  • contributing to assessment by observing trainees and giving verbal or written feedback, in partnership with the Visiting Tutor;

  • attending training and, if appropriate, liaising with Visiting Tutors;

The Teaching School as Lead School is responsible for:

  • Receiving and monitoring finances from the NCTL;

  • Liaising with the training provider and Alliance schools on financial payments;

  • Recruitment and selection of candidates, ensuring that applicants have an equal opportunity at interview;

  • Allocation of placements for trainees in Home Schools, ensuring the ideal placement for both trainee and school;

Initial School Visits

Prior to starting the course, each trainee is expected to make an initial visit to their Home placement school. They are also expected to make a preliminary visit to their second placement school prior to starting the Second School Experience.

Current Partnership Arrangements

The Wroxham School is currently working with the University of Hertfordshire as our training provider.

This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and in accordance with changes in training provider.